How to Fundraise Online

I’ve spoken before about how if we all made a little effort, we could overcome the crisis in Africa and other regions in the world with ease.


This is the first post where I’ll go into that in more depth.


If we all setup an online fundraising page and asked for donations from the people around us, even if we just collect $10 – $50, that would change the lives of masses.


The first thing you need to do is pick a charity that you believe in. Guidestar has a great list of worthy charities. Pick one and then go ahead and create your online fundraising page. Simply explain what the charity does and then share your URL with friends and family.


Once the money arrives, donate it to the charity and three of your donors to do the same thing. If the cycle continues to spread, we will make miracles happen!


So, what are you waiting for!? Get started now!

Fundraising for Social Good

There are so many crisis in the world the require the joint effort of the masses. For example:



Yet so much of the developed world stays oblivious to how they can help by doing so little (relatively). If we all were to give just 1% of our monthly income, just think about how much better the world would be!


Give me your thoughts… if you had billions at your disposal what part of the world would you help first and why?